Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

Need a Coronavirus test?

Coronavirus Questionaire

What are our current Covid-19 policies?

CMU follows the CDC guidelines.  

Will students be tested for COVID-19 when they arrive on campus and during the semester?

No. Students will not be tested upon arrival to campus. Students may request a test at anytime by contacting the CMU Health Clinic at Students who have proof of vaccination should be submitted on the myCMU portal.

CMU will monitor local, state, and national Covid-19 infection rates to determine best course of action during the school year.

Will my insurance be billed for student testing?

Yes, in order to offset the rising healthcare costs, Central Methodist University will be billing primary insurance carriers for services rendered in our facilities.  This will facilitate a continuation of improving healthcare services without putting the financial burden on you or your student. Please note that NO DIRECT EXTRA COST will be assessed to our students for services provided within our facilities. You may receive an EOB (estimation of benefits) from your insurance provider. This is not a bill, CMU will not bill any uncovered cost to the student. In essence, we are only collecting money that the primary insurance would normally pay to a medical provider for services rendered.  As a result, this will help offset our costs and allow the Central Methodist University to provide better support for student s, therefore improving the student experience.

Will face coverings be required?  

Currently CMU has lifted its mask requirement for all Fayette non-classroom related areas. Additionally, we ask that all students, employees and visitors respect those who wear masks and the wishes of those who ask you to wear a mask in their offices or rooms. If the CDC guidance changes, CMU will update campus policies.

Will CMU have a recovery area for Covid-19 positive cases?

Yes, CMU will have a recovery area to ensure any identified COVID-19 cases do not come in contact with other students. Upon positive diagnosis of COVID-19, students are encouraged to recuperate at home.  In the rare case where students cannot travel home to recuperate, recovery accommodations will be available. Students in the recovery area will be provided meals and other essentials as well as checked on daily while they are recovering.

Will sports teams be able to practice and have games?

CMU is working with the Heart of America Athletic Conference and the NAIA and will adhere to health officials’ recommendations and guidelines as well as state and local regulations regarding athletic events. 

Will student-athletes be screened prior to games and practices?

CMU will follow NAIA and Heart of America screening guidelines for athletes.